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2018-03-05  点击:[]

报告题目:Quantum Entanglement Transformation via Local Operations and Classical Communication
报告人:郭城 清华大学高等研究院 博士后
报告时间:2018/3/6 (本周二)下午1:30
报告地点:净月校区 365bet体育投注平台 6楼会议室
报告摘要:After introducing definitions and notions, we will show the maximum transformation rate from enough copies of GHZ state to some certain state, such as W state, via Local operations and classical communication (LOCC). Then, we will discuss the property of commom resource: a state which can prepare any state in some given set of multipartite entangled pure states by (LOCC). We ?nd the solutions for all bipartite case and also point out a non-trivial common resource for 3-qubit system. We will also review some recent results.



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